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Universal Robots Introduces Its Strongest Robotic Arm Yet

Source: Erico Guizzo

Universal Robots, already the dominant force in collaborative robots, is flexing its muscles in an effort to further expand its reach in the cobots market. The Danish company is introducing today the UR16e, its strongest robotic arm yet, with a payload capability of 16 kilograms (35.3 lbs), reach of 900 millimeters, and repeatability of +/-… Go to Article →

Soft Self Healing Materials For Robots That Cannot Be Destroyed | IEEE Spectrum

Source: Evan Ackerman

Most materials, especially soft materials, are fixable somehow, whether it’s with super glue or duct tape. But fixing things involves a human first identifying when they’re broken, and then performing a potentially skill, labor, time, and money intensive task. SHERO’s soft materials will, eventually, make this entire process autonomous, allowing robots to self-identify damage and… Go to Article →

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